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The cost of league dues is $30.00 per family, per year.  All memberships begin August 1 and expire on July 31.  For
example, if a family joins in March, the membership still expires on July 31.  On August 1 of each year, members will
be sent an e-mail invoice to pay for membership renewal.  Members may pay the invoice at anytime between August 1
and August 30.   Members are encouraged to pay for renewal prior to August 31 to avoid a lapse of league membership
benefits such as the WFHESL newsletter, access to forums, and participation in league-wide and cell group events. 

League dues must be paid through Newtek using a credit or debit card.  We no longer accept checks or cash for membership dues.  

We no longer accept checks or cash for membership dues. 

Please read through the policies below (and print for personal reference, if desired), then click on the link if you wish to
join us!

Membership Agreement

Code of Conduct Policy

Field Trip Policy

Statement of Faith (for people in leadership)