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Annual Art Show and Showcase Night



WFHESL 20th Annual

Art Show & Showcase Night


April 6, 2024


During this event, students can show off their artwork, which will be judged and awarded ribbons in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place categories. There will also be a best in show given to the artwork deemed best overall by the judge. Students will also be given the opportunity to show off their giftings in the showcase by playing an instrument, singing, reciting a poem or scripture, or doing a demonstration of something they have learned this year. All showcase performances are to be kept to a 4-minute maximum.


The categories for the art show are as follows:

· PAINTING – artwork created using watercolor, acrylic, or oil paints – or any other liquid media

· BLACK/WHITE or COLOR DRAWING – any artwork created using pencil, charcoal, or graphite having only black and white tones or any artwork created using colored pencils, pastels, markers, or colored chalk

· MIXED MEDIA – artwork created using any two or more media or materials

· JEWELRY – artwork created using beads, glass, fabric cord, metal wire etc. (usually wearable)

· PRINTMAKING – artwork created by making an impression or copy from a template

· DIGITAL ART – artwork created on a computer

· SCULPTURE – artwork that has 3-dimensions…usually, but not limited to clay, wood, plastic, metal or recycled objects

· PHOTOGRAPHY – artwork created with a camera

If your student has a project (like science, history, etc.) they would just like to display only, they may also do this. We will need to know their name and what they are entering. All art entries are to be dropped off between 9am-11am on April 6th in the fellowship hall of Charity Chapel, which is the metal building behind the church. Artwork needs to be mounted on a foam or poster board or matted for easy hanging purposes.

The deadline for registering your child for both the art show and showcase is March 29th!

Art entries need to include:

Child’s name, age, grade, which category of art they will be entering (one piece per category allowed) and a description of the piece (example – “wildflowers”)

WFHESL is a Christian organization that strives to uphold standards of decency at all times. We ask that all art entries and live performances reflect these same standards. This includes all artwork and aspects of live performances such as musical lyrics, dress, and language. WFHESL reserves the right to disallow any artwork or performances that are believed to be outside of these standards.


Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to seeing you all at the show!


Showcase entries need to include:

Child’s name, grade, and what they will be performing

For the showcase: Type of performance (vocal, instrumental, recitation, etc.) and name of the piece to be performed

For the art show: The category of art they will be entering (one piece per category allowed) and a description of the piece (example – “Wildflowers”).

For a project display: The type of project (science, history, etc.)


If you have any questions please contact Mary Easterling at [email protected]


This event cannot happen without volunteers.  While not mandatory, we hope each of you will sign up for a 1 hour time-slot  to help make this event special for our students.