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Comments from our members . . .

“WFHESL has given my children extra opportunities in our homeschooling journey that my husband and I could have not provided on our own. The field trips, Kindergarten graduation, and the annual spelling bee are just a few of the amazing blessings the league has added to our schooling. We are forever grateful!”
—Lisa, member for 8 years

“After moving from Arkansas to Florida during the summer of 2018, we were so blessed to find and get connected with other homeschoolers in the West Florida Home Education Support League. We are very thankful for the league's support, the friends we've made through the Student Government Association, and the way the other members were so eager to share resources and vital homeschooling information during and after our transition.”
—Linda, member for 2 years

“WFHESL field trips are great. We've toured Publix, Pensacola Airport, and the fire station and have gotten to see parts of those places that your "average Joe" doesn't get to see. Also, standardized testing (using the Iowa Test of Basic Skills) is quite beneficial.  It gives us the chance to see what subjects our children are at/above grade level and what areas we need to focus more on.”
Rebecca, member for 8 years

“WFHESL has helped us connect to other homeschool families in the community through opportunities such as field trips, spelling bees, PE park days, and Mom’s night out. We’ve developed lifelong friendships, grown in our homeschooling journey, and enjoy collaborating as a community to keep the homeschool community running strong.”
Tara, member for 8 years

"Being new to Pensacola and homeschooling, WFHESL provided resources, support, and community which helped our homeschool adventure be a success!"
—Kenyon, member for 5 years

"As WFHESL members, we have especially enjoyed all the friends we’ve made, the organized events, and fabulous field trips that we’ve participated in. It's wonderful to have such a great support system."
—Janine, member for 4 years

"I truly cannot imagine what our homeschool journey would have been like without WFHESL. The League was an integral part of our lives for 17 of the 22 years that we home educated, and I am so grateful for every minute. The best of our friends and memories were made during this time - from field trips & PE groups to our outstanding graduation ceremonies & the cherished time with my cell group. I would never have made it as successfully as I did through all those years without the help and support of the people in WFHESL."
—Cindy, former member for 17 years

"WFHESL has empowered me to be a successful homeschool mom. I have received invaluable information and advice from local, experienced parents. I have been able to navigate the annual school district requirements as well as the dual enrollment guidelines, get excellent curriculum suggestions, and have obtained money-saving ideas galore. Every time I attend a WFHESL sponsored event I come away with a new insight and fresh encouragement!"
—Rebekah, member for 8 years